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Introducing our new brewery! Located on the same stunning grounds as our winery, our brewery offers a range of classic beer styles crafted by co-winemaker, Josh. Come visit us to experience the best of both worlds – exceptional wine and beer in a beautiful setting.

Beauty Lake: California Common 

California Common has been brewed in the Sierra Foothills since the gold rush.  It’s a lager beer fermented at warmer ale temperatures with a copper color, caramel notes and a refreshing taste.  Beauty Lake is just north of Wrights Lake on the Rockbound Trail.  Many hikers question the name of this lake because of its brownish color, but this beer is no joke and not at all common so don’t steam by this one.

Camp Bliss: India Pale Ale 

Our balanced take on hoppy ales.  Smell juicy fruit like mango and peach with a refreshing taste and finish.  DL Bliss State Park, on the shore of Lake Tahoe, has long been one of our favorite retreats.

Enchanted Pools: Czech Style Pilsner

A crisp and refreshing beer with spicy hops.  Enchanted Pools isn’t real.  And if it was, we wouldn’t tell you how to get there.  Just imagine cold crystal clear water flowing from Umpa Lake with more water from Twin Lakes cascading into the most stunning…we’ve said too much.

Shadow Lake: Porter

A dark, refreshing ale with rich chocolate notes and an almost opaque black color.  Shadow Lake is southeast of Loon Lake on the Desolation Wilderness border and can be accessed by the Van Vleck Trailhead.

Slippery Ford: Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

This classic beer has both sweet and tart flavors punctuated by lemon, spice and tutti frutti esters.  Slippery Ford is on the American River below Lover’s Leap.  It was a crossing for wagons on the Pony Express.

Waterfall Camp: Hazy IPA

A hazy beer with a juicy texture and aromas of Mandarin Orange and lime zest from Australian Galaxy® and New Zealand Motueka™ hops.

It is named after Waterfall Camp in El Dorado’s Desolation Wilderness near Lake Aloha.

"We're thrilled to see the excitement from our customers about our new brewery. We can't wait to share our passion for great beer and wine with them."

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